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JF Lennon Forex Courses Review

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015
JF Lennon Jimmy Wong

JF Lennon Jimmy Wong

This is JF Lennon’s Motto :

Forex Trading made Simple, Fun and Easy!

And do You know what does JF Lennon stands for ??

=> ‘Join-Forex Learning’ (Lennon – is ‘Learning’ in Greek).

The CEO, Co-Founder of JF Lennon and Chief Trainer – Mr. Jimmy Wong has been trading successfully for the past 8 years

and his turning point (aha! moment) to start a Forex Institute came when he saw one of his best friends getting his trading account facing the dreaded ‘margin call’

based on a poor trade call of a ‘reputable’ Forex company.

He jumped into starting an Institute to fulfill his life mission and passion of coaching to educating members of the public into the proper ways of trading, risk management,emotional control and learning to survive in the Forex markets.

To date – Jimmy has personally mentored over 20,000 students both locally and internationally on how to become profitable traders starting even with no prior knowledge.

Jimmy is..

  • a master at reading Forex Candlesticks and Price-Action
  • personally making over 5 figure profits per day just on Forex trading (trading via his personal account – and not via the Institute)
  • a stickler for proven results. For a particular trading challenge, he traded with $SGD 2,800 to over $SGD 100,000 in 6 months as a challenge to his students – Notarized (certified) his trading results with an established Singaporean Law Firm and proceeded to donate the proceeds to charity
  • the first local and Chinese speaker of the National Achievers’ Congress 2012
  • he traded LIVE in front of thousands with proven and recorded results
  • a true trader at heart – and has shared hundreds of profitable trade opinions to his students
  • a really fun guy to be around!

His achievements includes accolades, awards and media mentions such as:

  • Region’s Top Trader“- By Singapore Business Times (2010)
  • Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award Winner 2012
  • Promising SME 500 Award Winner 2012
  • Emerging Winners of SME ONE ASIA Awards 2012
  • Most Promising Entrepreneur Award Winner by APEA(Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards) 2012
  • Singapore Brands Award Winner (Local and Regional Awards) 2012/2013
  • Committee Representative for Financial Sector – Singapore Brands 2012/2013

And has been featured in all major publications and media in..

  • Singapore Business Times
  • Singapore Straits Times
  • Channel News Asia
  • Zaobao
  • AsiaOne
  • Invest Magazine
  • Black Magazine
  • Young Professionals
  • PropertyGuru
  • 9tro Magazine
  • Entrepreneurs’ Digest
  • Yiwu Shangbao (Shanghai, China)

( PS: To me personally, all these Achievements ABOVE are Very IMPRESSIVE !! )

Here’s Some Highlights & Course’s Structure Of What You Would Get To Learn From JF Lennon Forex Trading Course :

JWT Mastery (USD/YEN) – Forex Mastery Course

jwt-mastertThis is their flagship and most popular Forex Mastery course, taken by thousands of students internationally – is a unique Forex Price-Action System Strategy that provides consistent, reliable and realistic gains.

JWT Mastery consists of easy-to-learn strategies, effective money management methods and sharing of traders’ mindset by the experienced JF Lennon trainers to take advantage and exploit the Dollar($) and Yen(¥) Currency Pair.

Students will also be guided step-by-step on how and when to enter, exit or to stay clear of the market.

The core value of JWT Mastery is its simplicity and high system efficiency and students will be mentored by JF Lennon’s CEO and Master Trainer, Mr Jimmy Wong in areas of effective trading habits and how to trade responsibly and consistently.

Course Structure:

  • Forex 101 – Learn the basic and essential fundamentals of Forex, trading terms, what causes Forex market movement and volatility, and specific trading days to watch out for.
  • Order Type Management – Learn, understand and execute between the various buy and sell order types – and why they are so crucial to your trading performance and Candlestick Price-Action strategy
  • Emotional Management Mastery – Discover and implement the exact same ‘Traders’ mindset’ strategies that separate the market professionals (10%) and losing amateurs(90%). Learn crucial strategies how to absolutely command your emotional states to prevent bad habits and conquer revenge-trading.
  • Money and Risk Management 101 – Discover the differences between a profitable trader and one who faces the dreaded ‘Margin call’, and learn powerful contract-sizing strategies with absolute clarity on how to protect your trading capital from a series of losing trades.
  • JWT Candlestick Signals – Learn the exact powerful Candlestick signals that tell you exactly when to buy/sell and to take profit(TP) – right to the exact PIP/price point.
  • Stop Loss Management – Learn the exact price levels to place your Stop Loss orders for each strategy to allow your trades to play out stress-free.
  • Course Features:

  • Trading strategies can be tested without risking any trading capital
  • Strategies easily understood and executed by all traders of all different backgrounds
  • Stand-alone system with no extra products or software to purchase
  • Online Student Support Group (Specific to your class)
  • Lifetime Support and Weekly Forex Market Updates
  • 425% Returns Verified Recorded Performance from Jan 2012 ~ Jan 2013


Two days


Here’s What Some Of The Students Have To Say After Attending JF Lennon Forex Course :

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review


If you want to discover more prior to committing to LF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

– you can consider joining their upcoming and free introductory Forex Showcases to discover:

1. Learn the basics of FOREX
2. Learn what is a candlestick chart and how you can profit from it.
3. Witness the power of JF Lennon’s Candlestick Trading Strategies with live demostrations
4. Discover the untold truth of Forex education
5. Witness the actual trading results of the students and Master Trader himself, Mr. Jimmy Wong.


You can visit :

or call them direct to enquire at :

10 Anson Road, International Plaza (Map)
#18-25, Singapore 079903

Tel:  +(65) 6100 1551
Fax:  +(65) 6438 8953


Operating Hours
Monday – Friday 09.00am – 9.30pm