Fapturbo Review – Is This Fapturbo Another Hype-Up Scam On The Internet ?

Fapturbo Review

Fapturbo Review

Hi fellow readers,

Welcome to my fapturbo review page.

In this post, I will be sharing my unbiased fapturbo review after personally invested in it about 3 months back.

This fapturbo is one of the most amazing forex robot I have tested out so far.

The Life-time fee of USD $149 is one of the the most affordable as compared to others which are not so good.

Not only that, but as a member, you would get an updated and improved version of the fapturbo every single month too.

I have personally tested more than 10 different forex robots available online…

Some can costs up to USD$150 – USD $200 per month

And the results these forex robots deliver really cannot come close to this fapturbo at all…!

The fapturbo has 2 trading methods programmed into it.

They are namely :

1) The short term ” Scalping” strategy

2) The advance long term strategy.

Out of these 2 methods, much of the success and most of the profits are from the short- term ” scalping” strategy.

The advance method is hardly activated because it is more for long term trading.

In fact, I personally think the short term ” scalping” strategy is good enough to help anyone make a nice profits trading forex.

The best thing is that this ” scalping” accuracy is at least 90% accuracy.

So far…

Out of 10 trades….at least 8 or even 9 would end up profitable.

That is really very powerful I must say…..having tested so many different ones so far.

With the ” scalping’ method, the fapturbo would capture small profits of 6 – 10 pips every time…

But it can do it over and over again in a very short time..

Which allow those small profits to accumulate into really BIG profits end of the day.

I bought the fapturbo about 3 months back last year.

After getting very good results in my DEMO account .

I then decide to use it on my ” live ” account to capture real profits.

I deposited USD $2,000 into my account as start-up capital..

And by the end of the month, my account has increased to a good USD $3,930.20.

Which is almost near to double.

The beauty of this fapturbo is that once I set it and activate it…

I just have to allow it to ” Autotrade” for me…

It is really a form of ” Passive Hands-free” income for me because I can let it on and just go out and do my own stuff.

Even while I am sleeping, as long as I leave this fapturbo on, it would consistently scan the forex market and capture profits for me.

Here’s a screen-shot of some of the trades to share :

Fapturbo Earnings

Fapturbo Earnings

Another unique feature that comes with the fapturbo is called the ” Stop-Loss Hunting Prevention”.

This is very important as it prevents broker from ” deliberately” triggering your Stop-Loss ( SL ) and force you out of the trade.

Which in the process make you lose money!

This is one unique feature that is not available to most of the forex robots available online having tested so many..

However, I also have to confess something negative about this fapturbo though.

Because of it’s effectiveness and accuracy, more than 25,000 people worldwide already invested in it.

And most of them simply use the ” default” settings that comes with it.

When too many people are using the SAME ” Default” settings…

It would makes it lose effectiveness…somehow.

That is why recently there are more and more complains about the settings.

However…I am not bother by this problem at all..

Because over these few months, I have been playing with the different settings for the fapturbo.

And I have my own set of ” Profitable Settings” for the fapturbo which prevent it from having the same problem like the rest of the 20,000s.

If you are keen on investing in this fapturbo too, I would be glad to share my settings with you.

To allow me to send you my own unique & profitable settings…

Simply :

1) Send me your receipt to my inbox at :


2) Upon receiving and verifying, I would send these ” Unique & Profitable” settings to you immediately.

These settings are through my own testing and research..and they can’t be found anywhere on the internetGuaranteed.

To conclude my fapturbo review :

I would highly recommend this powerful forex robot to anyone who’s willing to invest a one time fee of USD $149 in it.

After all, with my ” unique profitable settings “, you would be having an advantage over others who do not know about the settings from me.

Oh ya….one last thing before I sign off here..

This fapturbo also comes with a 60 days money back refund guarantee too.

In the event you’re not satisfied with it, you can request for a ” No Questions Asked” money back refund.

Basically no risks I must say.

This is the one factor that makes me decide to at least try it out 3 months back too…to be frank.

Alright. So much for my fapturbo review.

I do hope you would not let this opportunity to try out this powerful forex robot slip by you too.

The choice is yours for now.

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