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Dear Future Forex Traders,

Hello and welcome to Singapore Forex Courses.

Here… I will be sharing with you valuable information + reviews on Forex trading courses in Singapore.

…So as to help you better decide which are the Singapore Forex Courses that are both reliable and appropriate for your investment.

Let me first do a brief self- introduction about myself here.

My name is Aaron Tan, currently residing in sunny Singapore as well…

I am lucky to be a father of a cute baby boy as well as a husband to a lovely wife ( who can cook really well ! )…

I have been making a full time income trading Forex from home for about 3 years since I quit my day job.

Not only has Forex trading enables me to live the ‘dream” live I always wanted…

And also allow me to spend more quality time with my love ones too…

No longer do I need to be in the office from 8am – 6pm ( or sometimes till 9pm for OT ) anymore.

One of the best thing I enjoy… is that I do not even have to wake up earlier than 10am now.

PS: I definitely love to wake up ” Naturally “….do you ? :- )

I have been sharing this lucrative Forex trading business with all my close friends as well as relatives too.

Some of them are also making a nice additional stream of ” passive” income by trading the forex market with just 1-2 hours daily now.

Forex trading can be really profitable and help you rake in good profits ( $3000 – $5000 or more ) end of the month ONLY if you know how to trade this super volatile market.

As  a matter of fact, any financial tool that can help you make good profits CAN ALSO make you lose quite a fair bit too….in a short time.

Double edge sword indeed…!

Since you are searching online for either Singapore Forex Courses or Forex Trading Courses In Singapore…

Then I should be right to say that you sort of  ALREADY know the advantage & income potential of trading Forex too…

Right ? 🙂

So here in this Singapore Forex Courses blog of mine….I will be sharing exactly what you want to know.

So what makes me want to set up this Singapore Forex Courses information site ?

Over the past few months….

I have been getting a lot of emails from the forex community asking for information about the different Forex trading courses in Singapore.


They also want to know which are the ones that are both reliable and teach proven forex trading methods that truly work and NOT just another hype-up course everywhere.

All these emails & questions I received regarding Singapore Forex Courses actually made me decide to carry out an in- depth studies & reviews about the different ones in Singapore.

I hope that by providing my updated reviews about the Forex trading courses in Singapore…

Anyone in need of such information ( including yourself ) can really benefit greatly from it..

And most importantly….

..Cut short the time & efforts while doing your own research both online & offline.

End of the day…

I truly understand that spending thousands of dollars on forex courses in Singapore is really no big deal as you can easily earn the amount back in a month or two by trading forex…

But the most critical factor is that…..the mentor must be good and the system must proven to work !

Which are also the 2 most important factors I look into… before recommending any forex trading courses in Singapore to anyone.

So much for what I have to share here…

Please feel free to read the different reviews’ about Forex trading courses in Singapore I have gathered here..

And you’re also welcome to recommend this information site on Singapore trading course to anyone who can also benefit from it.

Thanks for visiting Singapore Forex Courses.

Happy surfing around ya !

To Your Forex Trading Success,

Aaron Tan ( your friend )

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