JF Lennon Forex Courses Review

September 15th, 2015
JF Lennon Jimmy Wong

JF Lennon Jimmy Wong

This is JF Lennon’s Motto :

Forex Trading made Simple, Fun and Easy!

And do You know what does JF Lennon stands for ??

=> ‘Join-Forex Learning’ (Lennon – is ‘Learning’ in Greek).

The CEO, Co-Founder of JF Lennon and Chief Trainer – Mr. Jimmy Wong has been trading successfully for the past 8 years

and his turning point (aha! moment) to start a Forex Institute came when he saw one of his best friends getting his trading account facing the dreaded ‘margin call’

based on a poor trade call of a ‘reputable’ Forex company.

He jumped into starting an Institute to fulfill his life mission and passion of coaching to educating members of the public into the proper ways of trading, risk management,emotional control and learning to survive in the Forex markets.

To date – Jimmy has personally mentored over 20,000 students both locally and internationally on how to become profitable traders starting even with no prior knowledge.

Jimmy is..

  • a master at reading Forex Candlesticks and Price-Action
  • personally making over 5 figure profits per day just on Forex trading (trading via his personal account – and not via the Institute)
  • a stickler for proven results. For a particular trading challenge, he traded with $SGD 2,800 to over $SGD 100,000 in 6 months as a challenge to his students – Notarized (certified) his trading results with an established Singaporean Law Firm and proceeded to donate the proceeds to charity
  • the first local and Chinese speaker of the National Achievers’ Congress 2012
  • he traded LIVE in front of thousands with proven and recorded results
  • a true trader at heart – and has shared hundreds of profitable trade opinions to his students
  • a really fun guy to be around!

His achievements includes accolades, awards and media mentions such as:

  • Region’s Top Trader“- By Singapore Business Times (2010)
  • Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise Award Winner 2012
  • Promising SME 500 Award Winner 2012
  • Emerging Winners of SME ONE ASIA Awards 2012
  • Most Promising Entrepreneur Award Winner by APEA(Asia-Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards) 2012
  • Singapore Brands Award Winner (Local and Regional Awards) 2012/2013
  • Committee Representative for Financial Sector – Singapore Brands 2012/2013

And has been featured in all major publications and media in..

  • Singapore Business Times
  • Singapore Straits Times
  • Channel News Asia
  • Zaobao
  • AsiaOne
  • Invest Magazine
  • Black Magazine
  • Young Professionals
  • PropertyGuru
  • 9tro Magazine
  • Entrepreneurs’ Digest
  • Yiwu Shangbao (Shanghai, China)

( PS: To me personally, all these Achievements ABOVE are Very IMPRESSIVE !! )

Here’s Some Highlights & Course’s Structure Of What You Would Get To Learn From JF Lennon Forex Trading Course :

JWT Mastery (USD/YEN) – Forex Mastery Course

jwt-mastertThis is their flagship and most popular Forex Mastery course, taken by thousands of students internationally – is a unique Forex Price-Action System Strategy that provides consistent, reliable and realistic gains.

JWT Mastery consists of easy-to-learn strategies, effective money management methods and sharing of traders’ mindset by the experienced JF Lennon trainers to take advantage and exploit the Dollar($) and Yen(¥) Currency Pair.

Students will also be guided step-by-step on how and when to enter, exit or to stay clear of the market.

The core value of JWT Mastery is its simplicity and high system efficiency and students will be mentored by JF Lennon’s CEO and Master Trainer, Mr Jimmy Wong in areas of effective trading habits and how to trade responsibly and consistently.

Course Structure:

  • Forex 101 – Learn the basic and essential fundamentals of Forex, trading terms, what causes Forex market movement and volatility, and specific trading days to watch out for.
  • Order Type Management – Learn, understand and execute between the various buy and sell order types – and why they are so crucial to your trading performance and Candlestick Price-Action strategy
  • Emotional Management Mastery – Discover and implement the exact same ‘Traders’ mindset’ strategies that separate the market professionals (10%) and losing amateurs(90%). Learn crucial strategies how to absolutely command your emotional states to prevent bad habits and conquer revenge-trading.
  • Money and Risk Management 101 – Discover the differences between a profitable trader and one who faces the dreaded ‘Margin call’, and learn powerful contract-sizing strategies with absolute clarity on how to protect your trading capital from a series of losing trades.
  • JWT Candlestick Signals – Learn the exact powerful Candlestick signals that tell you exactly when to buy/sell and to take profit(TP) – right to the exact PIP/price point.
  • Stop Loss Management – Learn the exact price levels to place your Stop Loss orders for each strategy to allow your trades to play out stress-free.
  • Course Features:

  • Trading strategies can be tested without risking any trading capital
  • Strategies easily understood and executed by all traders of all different backgrounds
  • Stand-alone system with no extra products or software to purchase
  • Online Student Support Group (Specific to your class)
  • Lifetime Support and Weekly Forex Market Updates
  • 425% Returns Verified Recorded Performance from Jan 2012 ~ Jan 2013


Two days


Here’s What Some Of The Students Have To Say After Attending JF Lennon Forex Course :

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review

JF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses Review


If you want to discover more prior to committing to LF Lennon Singapore Forex Courses

– you can consider joining their upcoming and free introductory Forex Showcases to discover:

1. Learn the basics of FOREX
2. Learn what is a candlestick chart and how you can profit from it.
3. Witness the power of JF Lennon’s Candlestick Trading Strategies with live demostrations
4. Discover the untold truth of Forex education
5. Witness the actual trading results of the students and Master Trader himself, Mr. Jimmy Wong.


You can visit :


or call them direct to enquire at :

10 Anson Road, International Plaza (Map)
#18-25, Singapore 079903

Tel:  +(65) 6100 1551
Fax:  +(65) 6438 8953


Operating Hours
Monday – Friday 09.00am – 9.30pm

Online Trading Academy – Singapore Forex Courses Review

September 15th, 2015
Online Trading Academy Forex Courses Review

Online Trading Academy Forex Courses Review

Online Trading Academy’s Mission Statements :

Transforming Lives WorldWide Through Exceptional Trading And Investing Education

Online Trading Academy’s roots can be traced back to 1997, as one of the largest trading floors in the U.S., with 180 traders averaging half a billion dollars in daily transactions.

But in 2001, they shifted their focus to providing education on trading and investing

Their courses are NOT limited to Forex trading though but also including Investment Theory for Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Options, Futures (Eminis & Commodities)

And the good thing about Online Trading Academy’s courses is that regardless of whether you are just a newbie or novice or experienced

they have courses that offer a complete education and training experience focusing on trading fundamentals, technical analysis, risk management, and highly-developed skills of execution for virtually any trading instrument.

Also, they have one unique feature about their courses known as the Extended Learning Track which is an an online learning experience

which enables the student to choose the area of study that best fits their chosen trading style, asset class and learning objectives

If You the kind that prefer Home Studies, they have a series of home-study CDs, which can be used on their own or in conjunction with our courses

Many of Online Trading Academy’s classes offer free “retakes” for as long as you’re associated with us, while others offer lifetime learning at a reasonable cost.

Although they are also offering Investment Theory for Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds, Options, Futures (Eminis & Commodities) courses

apart from merely ” Forex Trading ” courses

But since we are focusing on Singapore Forex Courses Review here, I shall only include the ” Highlights & Course Modules ” of their Forex Trading arm in Singapore


Here’s Some Highlights & Course’s Structure Of What You Would Get To Learn From ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY Forex Trading Course In Singapore :

Course Type: On Location, Online (both with Lifetime Retake Option)

Duration: On Location – 5 days, Days are approximately 6.5 hours
Online – 10, 3-hour sessions



  • Each day’s agenda contains 2-3 powerful and fully interactive lectures led by a professional trader combined with 1-2 live trading and analysis sessions focusing on market analysis and trade execution.
  • Maximum 22 person capacity providing individual attention from your instructor.
  • Each student is provided a classroom computer where they learn in a hands-on environment.
  • Students are provided trading workstations with real time data so they can practice strategy execution while under the guidance of a seasoned trader/instructor.
Day 1
  • Forex Foundations
    Gain a foundational historical perspective of where foreign exchange began in order to better understand how trading the Forex markets really work. Learn eight powerful reasons why Forex Trading is an exceptional market to trade.
  • Forex Terminology and Market Structure
    Forex has a language unto itself. Become proficient in using terms including spot, lot, pip, pairs, rollover and how the Forex Markets are structured. You will be taught key concepts including Decentralized Market Structure, Market Participants, and how both traditional brokers and ECN brokers operate.
  • Currency Pairs
    Two currencies linked together in what is known as a currency pair is the cornerstone of Forex Trading. You will gain a solid understanding of Base Currency, Quote Currency, The “Majors” and Cross Pairs and their notable characteristics, as well as important strategic trading action steps based on Supply and Demand Trading with Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy.
  • Core Strategy Review and Application
    This course is built on the foundation of Online Trading Academy’s Core Strategy taught in Professional Trader Part 1. Reviewing and understanding the OTA core market timing strategy is key. Knowing where the next market move is going to begin and end is the key to consistent short term and long term trading profits.
  • Trading Styles
    You will explore the different trading styles including short term as well as long term (Swing and position trading) and what to look for when applying these styles of trading to the Forex Markets. You will utilize a Trading Style decision matrix to identify the style of trading that is the best fit for you and your trading goals.
Day 2
  • Preparing To Trade
    To successfully trade like a professional Forex trader requires preparation. Your instructor will outline a solid, consistent routine that will assist you in becoming and remaining a patient, focused and disciplined trader.
  • Order Types
    You will review the primary order types including Market, Limit, Stop Market, Stop Limit and Bracket orders. You will be taught what these order types are used for and advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Live Trading and Analysis
    Our live market trading and analysis sessions are a favorite part of the course for students. During these sessions throughout the course, you will put into practice what you are learning in a hands-on fashion in the live markets. From your own individual classroom trading workstation, you will use a live trading platform from the industry leading FXCM Forex broker to trade live in the Forex markets with real data. You will put into practice what you are learning in a hands-on fashion under the guidance and support of an expert Forex Trader.
  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
    Multiple Time Frame analysis is key to identifying high probability, low risk, and high reward trading opportunities. No matter what style of trader you are, you will utilize three specific chart time frames with purpose and focus.
  • Forex Fundamentals
    Awareness of news and Economic Reports providing key information such as the strength and weakness of various economies, overall market and investor sentiment is critical to the prepared professional Forex Trader. Knowing what action to take when Central Banks adjust Interest Rates is one example of the skills you will develop through this course. Using Online Trading Academy’s Trader’s Dashboard, you will focus on the most important Forex reports to be prepared for identifying high probability trading opportunities based on the market reaction to such news and reports.
  • Risk Management
    Risk Management is one of the 7 key components of your trading. You will continue to develop a proper risk management plan that considers three Controllable Risk Factors which allow you, as the Forex Trader, to grow in your trading experience and competence while not destroying your capital. You will gain the knowledge and skill to properly calculate position size to minimize risk on each and every trade.
Day 3
  • XLT Live Trading
    XLT stands for the Extended Learning Track which is the graduate program at Online Trading Academy. XLT is an online program that extends the time our graduates have with their instructors and their fellow students. This segment of the course provides you with a 90 minute actual XLT session specifically for the students in any one of Online Trading Academy’s Professional Trader Courses, allowing you to experience what our graduate program is all about.
  • Forex Correlations
    Global correlations with commodities such as Oil and Gold play a large role in the flow of global capital and international trade which impacts the Forex trading market from which quality trading opportunities arise. This portion of the course will look at these important correlations and provide trading action steps based on whether the importing market is the base currency or the quote currency and which correlation (negative or positive) to look for.
  • Forex Relative Strength
    The concept of “Cross Pairs” will be added to your knowledge and applied in order to measure the strength of an individual currency which helps in determining which are the quality Forex pairs to trade.
  • Odds Enhancers
    Odds Enhancers are Online Trading Academy’s proprietary scoring system for objectively measuring the quality of trading opportunities. This lesson reviews the 4 Odds Enhancers presented in the Pro Trader course, as well as unveils Odds Enhancer #5, “Level on Top of Level” and Odds Enhancer #6 which focuses on the US Dollar Correlation. Odds Enhancers are an important component that gives you “the edge” over the trading competition.
  • Trade Management
    Often times the most difficult part of trading is not identifying a trade setup, but managing the position after you have entered the trade. You will focus on position management through scaling in and out of trades, as well as learning exit techniques designed to capture maximum profit with the least amount of risk.
Day 4
  • Live Trading and Analysis
    From your own individual classroom trading workstation, you will use a live trading platform from the industry leading FXCM Forex broker to trade live in the Forex markets with real data. You will put into practice what you are learning in a hands-on fashion under the guidance and support of an expert Forex Trader.
  • Forex Time Zones
    The market responds with high probability price patterns within certain time zones. Some time zones have higher liquidity and price movement than other time zones. Forex is open for close to a 24X7 timeframe. As a Forex Trader you will learn the ebb and flow of various time zones and look to take advantage of trading opportunities that reoccur on a regular basis during specific times of the day.
  • Momentum Breakouts
    The benefit of momentum trading allows you to participate in a strong market move after it is under way (breakout). You will learn the rules and skills to take advantage of momentum moves while still properly managing risk and reward.
  • Secondary Support Tools
    Improper use of technical indicators and oscillators are some of the biggest reasons traders fail! These tools are not the primary tool used in Online Trading Academy’s Core Supply and Demand Trading Strategy, but when used properly, these secondary support tools can help stack the odds in your favor and provide that additional confirmation when taking a trade.
  • Trade Plan Development
    Having a trading plan is key to the professional trader. Trade-plan development is not a “topic in a course” but rather a process of taking concepts that have been learned and skills that have been acquired and continually updating your trading plan to reflect the level of trader you are at and plan to achieve. In addition to trade plan development, you will explore valuable considerations about establishing your trading like you would a professional business.
Day 5
  • Live Market Trading and Analysis
    You will begin your final day of class with another hands-on trading session identifying trading opportunities and executing trades in all the global futures markets.
  • Broker Accounts and Regulation
    Forex broker dealers want your business and there is enormous competition between them to acquire it. You will be taught key aspects, such as regulation and capitalization, which will help you identify reliable and competent broker organizations using objective measurement criteria.
  • Forex Futures and Spot Forex
    Trading Forex markets can be done in a number of ways which offers you a tremendous amount of flexibility, but can also cause some confusion. You will gain a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both Forex Futures and Spot Forex.
  • Mastering the Mental Game
    The human mind is not wired to trade properly. From birth we are conditioned and naturally gravitate toward that which makes us feel good and staying away from that which makes us feel bad. Taking this action in the markets is a recipe for consistent losses. This has to be corrected! This course provides you with the proper tools to handle those natural emotions and the actions that stem from these emotions. You will also explore keys to successful trading such as discipline, integrity, patience, diligence and hard work.
  • Ten Laws of Trading
    The Ten Laws of Trading are absolutes that should be a part of every trader’s trading plan. These dos and don’ts keep Online Trading Academy students focused on the right things. This gives you the foundation for becoming a well-rounded, disciplined trader.
  • Final Exam and Graduation


Here’s What Some Of The Students Have To Say After Attending Online Trading Academy Forex Course :

“This is a great course for anyone who would want to understand foreign exchange markets. Clifton is a great instructor who really breaks down the material. He is also open to answering any questions you may have.”

Keisha Ellis, September 2015

“This class has been very informative and has given me the confidence in believing that I can become a full time forex trader, achieving my goals of making this my new profession. I have enjoyed the entire week and am happy to be a part of this new community.”

Maria Bruzzese, August 2015

“Forex trading is simple, yet powerful. It allows the trader to post trades anywhere and almost at any time of the day for maximized profits. OTA will teach you how to do this consistently.”

Steven Szabo, August 2015

“This course gives me the basic knowledge and hands on experience that gives me the confidence to start trading Forex. Tim was great. Knows his subject well.”

Barbara Bradford, August 2015

“Take the class, you will be glad you did.”

Wayne Ollis, July 2015


If you are keen on knowing more about ONLINE TRADING ACADEMY

Forex Courses In Singapore

They have Free Forex Seminar For You To Preview as well…


Attend a FREE Class

This workshop will be held in our Singapore location.

  • Learn how to invest and make your money work harder in the markets
  • Identify market moves before they happen
  • Apply a rules-based trading strategy to day trading or any of the asset classes
  • Trade for current income… or build long-term security

You can visit Online Trading Academy Official website to register


You can call their Singapore Office direct to enquire :

Aperia Mall, #03-09
12 Kallang Avenue
Singapore, 339511

Phone: +65 64239788

Singapore Forex Courses – Terraseeds Forex Tflow Trading Course Review

April 12th, 2010

Review Of Forex Tflow Trading Course By Terraseeds

( Singapore Forex Courses Rating : 4.5 / 5.0 )

Terraseeds is a provider of technical analysis education and they conduct comprehensive lessons ranging from basic technical analysis to sophisticated trading system and methodologies for use in different market and instruments.

This company launched their very first FOREX Courses In Singapore called the ” Tflow System ” in 19th July 2008.

Whenever I bring up this name : ”  Tflow system by Terraseeds ”

……it would never fail for the other party to mention about their ” ( super low ) Risk Vs High Rewards ” technique !

Read on below to find out more about this forex course.

Why Learn From Terraseeds Forex Tflow Trading Course ?

How Can You Benefit From Their Forex Courses In Singapore ?

1) High reward to risk ratioTheir average Reward to Risk ratio is about 3.5 to 1, with the maximum of up to 10 : 1. ( impressive I must say )

2) Auto level for Profit & Stop Loss Before they enter a trade, they already know what is the Profit Target & Stop Loss to use.

3) Tflow System is a professional trading system used by banks, hedge funds and even professional traders – The secret to their high Reward to Risk ratio is the strategy they use to plan an entry before the market actually moves ( big time )..

4) Tflow system is suitable for all kind of traders : Intraday, Swing Or Position Trader and can be used for other financial tools as well such as the Stocks, Futures or CommoditiesThis means whether You would like to trade long term or short term, You do not need to stick to Your computer screen whole day !

5) Their commitment to assist You to succeed lies in the Real Time hands on trading session –  All hands on sessions and practical are conducted LIVE !

( 18 Hours Theories + 9 Hours Real Time Hands On = 27 Hours Forex Training )


Here’s Some Of The Highlights From Their Forex Trading Course In Singapore :

(  Spread Out Into 4 Weeks….. & Total Of 7 Modules Covered )

TerraSeeds Fx Tflow® System captures the flow of the market and get you into the right side together with the big players.

Tflow® Analysis is an analytical method that combines:

  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Sentiments Analysis

Learn the Tflow system and it would allows you to:

  • Day trade like a pro
  • Swing trade while focusing on your career
  • Invest for interest income and diversify with a basket of currencies
  • Earn while you sleep

These are the breakdown of the 7 Tutorial Modules in this forex course

Module 1: Discover Forex

  • Forex Basics
  • What currency to trade?
  • Understanding pips, margin, spreads, rollover and interest rates
  • Calculating profit & losses
  • Multiple-timeframe Chart Reading
  • Best time to trade

Module 2: Understanding and Managing Psychology

  • Understanding your emotions
  • Determine own trading style
  • Building your trading business plan

Module 3: Forex Fundamental Analysis

  • Important Fundamental News
  • Trading News and Announcements

Module 4: Forex Pillars of Technical Analysis

  • Price Trend Analysis
  • Price Reaction Analysis
  • Price Level Analysis
  • Price Reaction Analysis
  • Price Momentum Analysis

Module 5: Develop Trading Skills

  • Mutiple Timeframe Chart Reading
  • Risk Management
  • Money Management
  • Order Types and Placement

Module 6: Forex Tflow® System Setup and Strategies

  • ORIGINAL TerraSeeds Tflow® Analysis
  • Forex Tflow® System Strategies (total 6 strategies for different market conditions!)

Module 7: Real time Hands on Class
Analyse and trade real time while the price ticks. Learn how to place your orders, evaluate stop and profit levels live with our trainers

Forex Course Trainers

Tflow Forex System Trainer Binni Ong

Tflow Forex System Trainer Binni Ong

Ms. Binni Ong – She would be conducting trainings on forex basic, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

Tflow Forex System Trainer Soh Tiong Hum

Tflow Forex System Trainer Soh Tiong Hum

Soh Tiong Hum – He would be conducting trainings on Tflow forex system and real time hands on.


These are what some of the students from this forex trading course have to say :

” I would recommend others/ friends to join. This course really helps me into Forex.  I’ve become more aware and understand this money making vehicle.  I can make a living with it ” – Ryan Sim

Hi, Let me share my joy , I profited on one single trade AUS USD round 300pips in 3 days. I have also shorted EUR JPY and have profited around 245 pips on 8th August and it hit my target profit level on the 12 Aug . So far i have broke own record of more than 200 pips. Tiong hum mention in the class it pays to ride the flow.- Mark Lim

After the course, I managed to be more profitable in my trading. Before that I only managed to make small profits like 20pips. Now managed to get more. The river strategy: It helps to determine the trend and just go long & short accordingly to the river. – Raymond Owyang


If you are interested to know more about Terraseeds Tflow System  ( Forex Courses )..

They have a FREE Preview too .

Who Should Attend ?

  • Exploring Forex trading
  • Forex Traders and Aspirants who want to get to know us
  • Newcomers who want to jumpstart with forex trading
  • Forex Traders who have questions on issues like where to place stops, how to scalp, swing or position trade


You can register for a Free Preview simply :

By Phone: +65- 82986982

Email : paperandpencil@terraseeds.com